Beyond Words: Art Inspired by Sacred Texts featured contemporary works by Mohamad Hafez, Meg Hitchcock, David Maxim, and Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson.

Sacred texts connect us to the divine and explain our place in the cosmos, they guide us in meditative practices, and they provide spiritual and behavioral guidance. The texts may be ancient, but their impact is timeless. They continue to be translated and interpreted by and for contemporary audiences.

David showed his colossal 3D painted works, that are inspired by Bible stories. The figure of Esau was rendered huge, red, and furry, while Lazarus appeared to rise from a pair of hinged wings, soaring up into endless blue. David's biblical series was made in the 1980s, and we were delighted he was able to lug the giant canvases out of storage to be displayed once again!

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Self-Portrait with Young Tree, 1-2020.jp